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Review & Follow us on Google

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We would very much appreciate if patients old and new would kindly WRITE A REVIEW about us on Google. The easiest way to do this is to click the link below when using a Personal Computer / MacBook:

NOTE: For anyone who accesses the above link via a Tablet or Smartphone you will be taken to a Google page displaying our business photo and map at the top. Please then scroll down to Google’s pointing down arrow (inside a dark circle) which if clicked upon will display more information – including an option to RATE AND REVIEW us with a STAR RATING.

Disclaimer: In accordance with the College of Physiotherapy, advertisements may not include testimonials or links to testimonials. The above link is intended for other services available at St. Lawrence Wellness Centre.

Discover what WE can do to help you!

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The St. Lawrence Wellness Centre is your Wellness Oasis in the heart of downtown Toronto. Over the last 12 years, our team of friendly trained professionals have provided a wide variety of non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical medicine services to hundreds of patients.

We work with all our patients as a team to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your concerns so you can feel at your best. We believe everyone has untapped potential to become more empowered, stronger, and pain-free. We will explore, identify, and treat the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction, rather than simply alleviating your symptoms.

Make the first step towards a brighter future call us now on 416-364-2072 to discuss what treatment is right for you!

Stay Safe This Winter Season – Shovel Right!

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With the snowy weather approaching, it’s a good time to go over some tips to keep your back in shape while you’re shovelling the driveway.

Pick the Right Shovel
Use a lightweight pusher-type shovel that is the right size for you. If it is too big, you may be pushing (or worse, having to lift) more snow than your body can handle.

Bend Your Knees
If you have to lift a shovelful of snow, bend your knees instead of bending your back. Keep your back straight and try not to bend over – this will keep your back in a safer position. Try to push only though, and not lift.

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Backpacks can affect your child’s health – Pack It Light. Wear it Right!

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It’s common for kids to lug around backpacks appearing to be twice their body weight. Though it may seem cool to sling a heavy load over one shoulder – long-term head, neck and shoulder pain is not. Here are some helpful tips that will help your child carry their backpack with ease.

Backpacks can affect your child’s health

Carrying a heavy load can lead to poor posture and a distorted spinal column. Over time this can cause muscle strain, headaches, back, neck and arm pain, and even nerve damage.

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