Baby Yoga, Yoga & Pilates Classes


We offer 60 minutes of strength/stretch and balance. A combination of Hatha and Vinyasa. This class is intended to mend your mind, body and breath.


Full body workout includes core activation and spinal articulation. The STOTT pilates method restores and encourages the natural curvatures of your spine. Fantastic for posture, strength and endurance.


6 weeks of blissful yoga designed for both parent and baby. Baby Yoga includes a yoga flow for all parties, take home tips, and baby massage techniques. Parents will have the opportunity to stretch and relieve aches and pains, breathe and relax, bondy with baby and share a common experience with others in a calm, playful and child-friendly environment.

Benefits of Yoga for Babies:

  • Strengthens and aids muscular development
  • Exercises designed to help with neural (brain) development aiding with crawling and co-ordination
  • Helps parents and babies communicate and get to know each other better
  • Improves digestion – specially at weaning stages
  • Enhanced Interaction and social skills with other babies
  • Fun and relaxation
  • Helps to settle your baby and improves sleep patterns
  • Helps to improve your baby’s emotional and intellectual development by promoting confidence, enabling curiosity and encouraging self control
  • Stimulates all of baby’s senses

To learn more about any of our classes, please call us at 416-364-2072 or send us a message using our email contact form. Our experienced care associates will be happy to answer any questions you have.